Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Here are the items that are not allowed to be dumped in our dumpster rental.
  • Adhesives: Like glue or epoxy, adhesives should be disposed of with regular household trash or recycling instead of our dumpster bin. Loose adhesives can damage the bin, and they might also cause debris to stick together or to the walls of the container, making them tough to remove.

  • Fluorescent Lightbulbs: Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury in small quantities, and hence they cannot go in the dumpster. Some areas in the U.S. prohibit these items’ disposal, while some areas require them to be properly recycled. Recycling is required in California, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Vermont, and Washington.

  • Food Waste: Food waste is often prohibited from the dumpster rentals since it can make a mess in the container or attract rodents. If you have huge amounts of food waste to dispose of, consider sending the waste to a local composting center or using municipal trash services.

  • Household Cleaners: Chemical solvents or cleaners should not be thrown in our dumpster. You may toss empty containers in the rented dumpster.

  • Lacquers and Paint: Partially full or full cans of wet paint, including paint thinners, lacquers, or wood stains, generally cannot go in a dumpster. Dry empty paint cans are accepted in our containers.

  • Railroad Ties & Telephone Poles: Lumber materials like telephone poles and railroad ties are treated with dangerous wood preservatives and are not allowed in our dumpsters. However, some landfills might accept intact railroad ties.

  • Q.Material that has a surcharge
    A.General construction debris and material is accepted, as are most household items. Below is a list of items that require a surcharge at the dumping station:
    • Mattresses and Box springs - $80.00 per unit
    • TVs and Computer Monitors
    • Computers
    • Tires, with or without Rims
    • Refrigeration Equipment
    • Refrigerators
    • Air conditioners
    • Dehumidifiers, or anything with Freon
    • Empty propane tanks
    We do not accept full propane tanks or any hazardous waste. No Car Batteries

    Dumpster Refund Policy

    Terms and Refund Policy

    If for any reason, the renter decides to cancel the dumpster rental before it arrives at the delivery address; the renters refund would be based on the following pro-rated schedule:

    • Cancelled before the truck with rented dumpster leaves the company property, full refund.
    • Cancelled after truck leaves company property, but before the rented dumpster arrives at delivery address, full refund less $75
    • Cancelled after the rented dumpster is delivered to delivery address, no refund.


    Mark your calendar as we will see you in 2 weeks to pick up your dumpster. Please have it ready as we will have to charge an attempted pickup fee of $75 and up if we can’t retrieve our dumpster and need to come back.

    Thanks so much for choosing us.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: (413) 774-7774

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